Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One more weekend!!!

Well!!!...we have more weekend left of the 2008 season and I must say everyone including the managers are all smiles because of it. A lot has been going too. We were slatted to have an inventory audit for Friday 31st. So we had had all our inventory counted plus having a full week to double check. So on monday we all came in when it was 38 degrees outside, ready to rock and roll! Then I get the famous call from our purchasing manager at the home office saying, "your audit is pushed to Novemeber 3rd" ARGGGGGGG!!!!!! everyone worked so hard over the weekend to make sure things were done right and now we have to play the cat and mouse game of making sure people don't mess up the work we did this weekend. Though, I have a lot of conifdence that employees will not. It just the mear fact of worrying. That's part of managment!!!

I will inlcude some pictures on this post of random people and stuff :) For the most part I have been very, very happy on the dedication and loyality from employees for the post season who travel from school to work. That's huge brownie points! I have to say and if Jon and Emily if you read this you would be proud of the people who committed to work on the weekends actually stayed true to their word. We were not understaff at all this post season in caricatures except for one weekend. But, we tied up Kathy Hogan and kidnapped her and dragged her in to work...hahaha just kidden she told me whenever you need me I am there for you guys. So Kathy came to the rescue one day to help. We had 2 weekends with 50,000 plus people, but the money did not role in like we hoped. But, everyone was trying hard to make it work. Face paint on the other hand rocked the house with doing over 2,000 bucks on numerous weekends and Whitney doing 989.00 in face paint alone in one shift. We were very happy with all the hard work from all employees who tried to make this a successful post season and we appreciate all their dedication as well.

The talks went though at the home office for next season, and we are hoping for some new exciting changes for the 2009 year. Though, nothing is for sure yet so I won't discuss any of the ideas until we know for sure. Once, I know you will know!
Here some Pics from Put-N-Bay that I stole from Jamie's camera...hahahah Jamie, jokes on you!

Not sure why Darian has to sit down on the job to do inventory! What a slacker...I will use this for ammo when he says his does not slack! hahaha..:)

Well, I will post some new pics soon when I steal some more from Jamie...;)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fishing Trip 2008

It's true! Eric, Sam, Ben and Jamie went on an official Kaman's Art Shoppes fishing trip! Here's the proof! Let us know which picture is your favorite!

Antique Photo Fun

Hello, folks. Jamie here doing a little update! Our pal Lucky designed two nifty Halloweekend backgrounds for our green screen! We are offering this photo design at a reduced price. Thanks to a Kathy we now have several cloaks, witch accessories, and spooky apparel to add to this spooktacular experience!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Brandon, Kellen, and Anne all smiles during the slow rained out weekend. Thanks for given me some fake smiles...J/K!

A little fun!

Last weekend was a wash out at the park due to the rain we had all weekend. But, as I came across Dodgem Caricatures I noticed Mallory and Lucky looking G-Q style and so I performed a quick photo shoot of them until I was spent! Here is one of those pictures. At times you got to do what you got to do to attract attention from the guest in the park :)

It's Lucky time!!!

The tradition is still alive when Lucky (Park Manager from Idlewild) comes and draws some wacky caricatures for us while his park is shut down for a couple of weeks. Thanks Lucky!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Well, it's here Halloweekends!!! And it was a wash out. I mean with rain. Also, with rain in the forcast for all weekend. But, you know we will just have to plow right through it and be positive. The best is yet to come! Let's hope the post season is as good as it was last year :) I am pretty sure it will i have this gut feeling.